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BOGO 3- Pack (6 Filters) Save 10%

BOGO 3- Pack (6 Filters) Save 10%

 SAVE 10% - BOGO PACK (6 Filters)

Welcome to the next level of indoor air purification with Barnakl's Coconut Shell Carbon Ceiling Fan Filters. Turning your ceiling fan into a powerful air purifier, our filters remove VOCs, chemicals, odors, and particulates effectively. With coconut shell carbon acting as a superior absorbent, these filters trap and keep contaminants at bay. They leverage your fan's air flow, offering an energy-efficient, round-the-clock solution for cleaner, fresher air.

With Barnakl, breathe easy in your home.

Made in America


Coconut shell carbon

How to use

Clean it, peel it, stick it.

Return policy

If you're not happy with anthing for any reason we'll refund your money. All of it.

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Breathe easier with Barnakl

The lightweight and eco-friendly design can clean and purify your home the way nature intended.

Installation is easy